11.53 PM, 28-05-2021

It’s always been difficult to wish goodbye to my favorites… Why does it happen that only when… only when you get accustomed to someone’s presence… they leave you? Has happened almost always. I wish… I wish I could just pause everything, and I don’t know, maybe cherish whatever that’s happening right now (not the effing pandemic and shit, but all the good things, you know).

The world isn’t a wish-granting factory.

John Green, TFIOS

Maybe ten or say twenty years down the lane… when I’d look at my past self, I would wonder how could I be so excruciating stupid?! Things are going to start or end even when you are not ready or even when you don’t want them to start or end. I wish “thinking” also could be paused, you know, as we do on our so-called smart gadgets. They say that these brought us (the mankind) together and without them, the communication would have been so difficult… but even when everything is merely under the control of our fingertips, IT IS SO DAMN DIFFICULT.

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